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Zhejiang Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Co., LTD. (hereinafter briefly called as ZMC) was established in 1984, a wholly owned and holding company of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Industry Group Co., LTD.( with registered capital of RMB 2 billions), fully engaged in foreign trade and affiliated to Zhejiang International Business Group Co., LTD. ZMC has set up long-term and close business relations with hundreds of domestic manufactures and foreign customers, cooperated with about 2000 domestic suppliers, among which 138 pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises are in Zhejiang Province ,and sells products to nearly 2,000 foreign customers in over 140 countries and regions with the largest export market in India.

ZMC was the concurrent Vice President for the 7th session of the Executive Council under China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCIEMHP) ,and for several consecutive years ranked Top 5 and TOP 10 ,respectively, by CCCIEMHP for importers and exporters of Chinese and Western Medicines, Western Medicine Raw Materials . In 2017 it was once again chosen as one of China Top Ten Exporters for Pharmaceutical Formulations and also, a leading exporter among Top 100 Internationalized Pharma Companies for pharma preparations and premium supplier and cooperative partner in the world market .

ZMC handles the following businesses: Pharmaceuticals including pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, western patent medicine, biochemical products; Medical instruments including hospital diagnostic instruments, pharmaceutical machinery, medical dressings, disposable hospital products and medical textiles; Chinese herbs products including Chinese medicinal materials and pieces prepared for decoction and proprietary Chinese medicines, food and ingredients; Nutrition and health care products including animal and plant extracts, health products, dietary supplements, food and feed additives; Fine chemicals including agricultural chemicals, dye and pigment chemicals, chemical auxiliaries and additives, basic chemicals, special and custom synthesis chemicals.

ZMC holds various qualification certificates required for business operations, mainly including the Certificate of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, Pharmaceutical Trade License and GSP(Good Supply Practice for Pharmaceutical Products) Certificate, Medical Device Business License, CE Certificate for Medical Device and Certificate of ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System, Hazardous Chemicals Operating License and Certificate for Safety Standardization, Non-pharmaceutical Precursor Chemicals Distribution License, Pesticide Business License , Foodstuffs Trade License, etc.

ZMC has many products of different categories registered abroad, including pharmaceutical preparations, foodstuffs, health products, pesticides, medical devices registered in USA and Europe , and a number of trademarks such as ZMC, SENA, AROS that enjoy a high reputation in many African countries. ZMC logo is even more famous in the markets in India, the United States and Europe.

ZMC is in a prominent position in the line of pharmaceuticals and chemicals export , enjoys good commercial integrity , a sizeable supplies and sales marketing network ,and suppliers and customers groups as well as a business team with professional backgrounds and international business experiences. We sincerely wish to establish with our domestic and foreign suppliers and customers a relationship on a long-term , friendly , cooperative and win-win basis together to make a bright future.